Soup Cleanse This Week

I have been doing a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Soup Cleanse this week.  So, I have been cooking up a lot of soup.  These include Kidney Bean Soup, Mung Bean Soup, Spicy Goji Berry Soup, Quinoa, Green Lentil Soup and Clam Chowder (non dairy). It is a lot of work, but I find it quite … Continue reading Soup Cleanse This Week

Different Perspectives

I think the idea of doing a 365 days of taking pictures is interesting because of the diversity of subjects.  Sometimes I will be in really awesome places in the world that will lend itself to some amazing subjects that will create lasting memories.   Other times I will just wander around and come up … Continue reading Different Perspectives

2016 Photo Project

I am not into New Years Resolutions, however I have decided to do a photo project this year to learn and grow photographically and improve my ability to create compelling images. The goal of the project is to take a picture every day for 365 consecutive days.  Come rain, snow, tiredness, whether I am happy, … Continue reading 2016 Photo Project